RedCab: Platform Terdesentralisasi untuk Pengembangan Transportasi Masa Depan

Berbicara tentang RedCab LLC, merupakan sebuah perusahaan terkemuka dengan model bisnis masa depan di sektor transportasi. Sebuah perusahaan yang beroperasi sejak 2016. Kegiatan utamanya adalah untuk menarik solusi global inovatif yang menggunakan Blockchain untuk permintaan pasar saat ini dengan permintaan tahunan 230 miliar dolar.

Tim proyek mempelajari masalah dan kebutuhan sektor transportasi untuk waktu yang lama, kesenjangan pasar dan peluang yang coba dieksplorasi, dengan memperhatikan pengalaman pengemudi dan kebutuhan pengemudi.

Sektor ini sangat menjanjikan, sangat menguntungkan dan tumbuh di semua kota besar, dan pertumbuhan industri yang diharapkan pada tahun 2030 akan mencapai $ 285 miliar.

Perusahaan meluncurkan penjualan token RedCab untuk mengubah model bisnisnya dari aplikasi terpusat ke ekosistem terdesentralisasi yang akan memberikan akses ke cakupan global dan mengurangi biaya transportasi untuk pengguna.

Peta jalan yang terperinci, pekerjaan yang dihasilkan dengan tim yang berdedikasi dan stabil adalah sebuah jaminan untuk keyakinan konsumen.

Tidak dapat disangkal bahwa teknologi Blockchain merevolusi cara orang terlibat dalam bisnis, dan pergerakan orang dari titik A ke titik B tidak terkecuali. Redcab LLC: Perusahaan transportasi antar perusahaan masa depan akan memasok transportasi ke transportasi antar-rekan.

RedCab LLC. Ini adalah operator peer-to-peer yang disiapkan pada tahun 2017 dan memulai operasi di kawasan Timur Tengah dan Afrika Utara pada akhir tahun 2017 dengan aplikasi seluler tersedia di iTunes App Store dan Google Play.

Dengan mengubah model operasi dari model saat ini menjadi model yang sepenuhnya terdesentralisasi, RedCab memiliki potensi besar untuk bersaing dengan perusahaan-perusahaan besar yang didanai dengan baik. Memperkuat operasi lokal dan tumbuh secara global, menyediakan model bisnis yang transparan dan mengurangi biaya yang efektif untuk pelanggan, sambil meningkatkan keuntungan pengemudi, sambil mempertahankan model manajemen kualitas berbasis keselamatan, keamanan dan kesenangan masyarakat. Pengalaman pelanggan yang kurang rasional waktu itu akan menjadi satu-satunya tantangan antara RedCap dan pangsa pasar. Program MVP untuk menunjukkan kepemimpinan dalam mengimplementasikan proyek percontohan, pemasaran panduan pemasaran MVP, membayar ahli Ad Geo, dan asisten jalan berbasis AI hanya beberapa fitur dari lembar kerja di masa depan. RedCab Street.

Informasi terkait Token RedCab:

Jumlah simbol maksimum adalah 100.000.000
Mata Uang yang Diterima: Ethereum
Nama Token: REDC
Token Type: ERC20
Biaya Simbolis: 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
Hard Cap: 24529 ETH
Jumlah investasi minimum: 0,1 ETH = 233 REDC

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SmartContainers-Advanced Container Technology and IoT Sensors Integrated into the Logistics Ecosystem

One of the most important functional areas of general logistics is directly related to the movement and management of material flows. We transport logistics. In the current market situation, transport logistics play a very important role because every company interacts with the external environment. 

In the course of this interaction, there is a movement of material: raw materials from suppliers to producers, finished products from producers to intermediaries, and finished products to end users. There is a need to provide the same physical cargo movement in space in the optimal path with the smallest expenditure. This is what transport logistics does.

Currently, the logistics process is becoming more complex and branch offices get more dynamics. Full control over the supply chain can only provide "sharp" technology, depending on the needs of the industry. For this reason, shipping companies and shipping companies must implement tools that can provide operational visibility, transparency and accounting.

Shipping logistics are interested in us every day. When ordering delicious pizza or sushi, when you do not want to get caught in the cold weather, we recommend to eat warmly. No taste and flavor. In other words, a certain level of temperature support is required and this applies to many important areas of our lives, including important institutions for drug delivery and transplantation.

And for a better solution to this problem, a project called Smartcontainers is being created, which uses both considerable experience in logistics and the benefits of new block chains technology.

The project team set two important goals.

First, worldwide expansion and use of smart containers that support certain physical characteristics in the medical (pharmaceutical delivery) and food industries. Fortunately, I've worked for many years, fortunately, because I've had more than 100 patents on such discoveries for eight years in a scientific laboratory.

Second, create a distributed logistics ecosystem called LOGI CHAIN ​​that will be visible to all users. This eliminates unnecessary paper costs and lets you send e-mails for each destination.

More and more consumers are shopping online through retail chains. When e-commerce reaches its climax, the role of packet delivery services to end users is increasing. This is a completely new type of logistics chain, so transportation companies must optimize logistics to meet the needs of the modern market.

This transport logistics management platform enables information to be collected and exchanged in real time across the supply chain, enabling operators to compete in the market and control cargo shipments. With cloud technology, logistics automation enables you to reduce labor costs, optimize processes, deliver goods and load cargo, buy services, and bargain electronically for online online monitoring.

In modern society, we must always protect the environment. Only the smartest container in the transportation industry will comply with all environmental standards and corporate social responsibility standards. Safe from the point of view of environmental solutions as well as reliability.

As you can see, this project has a very ambitious and useful goal, and there are two businesses that have succeeded. To develop and promote these lucrative ideas, the company sells tokens at ICO.

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MoBee - Best Virtual Mobile Operator

MoBee рrоjесt offers сrурtосоmmunitу MBE that tоkеn whiсh is bасkеd rеаllу bу mobile phones ѕеr- viсеѕ аnd is bаѕеd оn fаѕt capitalization іn increase ѕubѕсribеr bаѕе аnd dеm to mоbilе services on gеnеrаl.

The MBE Token is an internal payment media for the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key economic factor of MoBee.

We offer tokens that are powered by mobile communication resources, such as voice traffic and the internet. MBE Tokens will be converted to other cryptocurrencies and exchanged with mobile services for yourself, your friends and acquaintances.

The services offered on mobile phones consist of various intermediaries, in which network operators employ many third parties for the fulfillment of various cellular services offered by mobile operators. Growth in mobile adoption worldwide has prompted countries to take various regulatory and standard measures to create a transparent communication system.

In the short term, everyone around the world has been completely satisfied with the need to change the value that it may have and certainly with the issue of a complete revision of their costs. This can be attributed to the speedy results of traditional technology saying that with packages showing that there are larger, but lower yields.
Moneybox InStream offers MoBee customers the possibility to get mobile services in exchange for an MBE token as well as additional opportunities to manage funds in customer accounts. This simple and effective solution has been developed to meet the common interests of customers, mobile operators, and telecom experts.

Solutions Offered

MOBETEEL offers to build virtual network operators based on blockchain technology. The three key stakeholders of this platform are mobile operators, customers and telecom community experts. The NetWorx platform is built for mobile network operators. The virtual operator's job is to offer operator traffic services. Customers using virtual MOBEE operators will have better mobile services with cryptocurrency payment options. Cashback and loyalty programs exist on the platform for ongoing use of services offered by operators.

Development Device

The project will be developed in the following areas:
- Growing customer base and coverage
- Expand the list of services offered to customers
- Growing number of NetWorx platform participants
- Growing number of partner networks
- Integration of third-party services into DiStream money boxes

Our project is open for cooperation: other telecom market players are welcome to join.

According to our estimates, 150-200 cellular operations worldwide may be interested in the MoBee ecosystem services. They account for about 25-30% of the potential market and can generate equivalent fiat volumes of USD 9 billion per year.


From Mobee Increase the number of crypto currency users from a few tens of millions to

MOBEE Objective

The mobee goal is to create a virtual mobile operator using cryptocurrency for payment. Each mobile operator's virtual carrier is based on other carrier traffic. Mobee is a simple and more useful solution for all virtual operators MoBee will receive voice and internet traffic through Net-platform conversations governing and managing the market for infrastructure maintenance services in Indonesia

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KWHcoin for Solution

What is KWHcoin?

KWHCoin is a community, ecosystem, and crypto currency based on block connections, powered by clean and renewable energy units. The physical unit of kWh energy is used from several sources, including smart meters, sensor readings and green button data. This measurable result is given on the block chain to create a KWH token.

Kwhcoin is a blockchain-based solution for an effective and network-based incentive platform to integrate energy and renewable energy sources distributed into the grid. More importantly, we developed a model to offset the value of distributed energy sources on the grid's edge leading to a sophisticated energy network that anyone can access without barriers to entry. The energy sector is in the most significant transition since the start of the power grid. The United States is served by an extraordinarily complex and effective electrical system with a fossil power plant in a centrally located plant, strategically positioned as a core reactor. The three major parts of the transmission, and distribution of systems - work together to provide a reliable and affordable electricity for almost everyone in America, thus providing essential services for security, economic development and nationwide social connectivity. However these are very expensive and carbon intensive at all distribution points and generations and almost get rid of us all from access to the value chain. There are many estimates but McKinsey's value of grid currents, transformers, transformers and polar currents (depreciated values), ranges from US $ 1.5 to $ 2 trillion and replacement costs will be EXCEED $ 5 TRILLION dollars. The environmental impact of such large investments in fossil fuel energy sources begins to be reflected in our natural environment and geopolitical turmoil.

Our mission

To improve the lives of 1.2 billion people worldwide without reliable access to energy. KWHCoin will achieve this by building a platform that will enable anyone in the world to buy or sell renewable energy sources through renewable energy platforms based on Grid flow charts.

KWHCoin will enable the poor to demand energy independence. They can not only choose their energy suppliers, but they can also sell their energy through the grid as a KWH token.

Reducing operating costs with renewable energy sources, KWHCoin will enable renewable energy sources to expand and bring new forces to the most remote regions of the world.

The KWH team will utilize blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts to build a decentralized distributed network of clean energy resources.KWHCoin BLOCKCHAIN
Blockchain and distributed ledger technology systems are the underlying protocols used to secure KWHCoin and the implementation of energy transactions on a platform.

This technology will enable safe and secure transmission of energy and information data by transacting all details in a general ledger, processed by a decentralized computer worldwide.
As a moral and social conscious community, we plan to implement blockchain technology with renewable clean energy, to provide millions of people with electricity and weaken the world's dependence on fossil fuels. We will build new business models and institutions using decentralization and autonomy as guiding principles. We strongly believe that the centralization of our social, political, economic, governmental and financial institutions suppress individuals in their efforts to create a better future for themselves.

We want to help governments and people in developing countries to get out of corruption, build property rights and vote effectively, while gaining access to decentralized global energy and financial markets. Our goal is to serve the 2.1 billion people who lack electricity and 5.1 billion unserved worldwide.
We will implement our unique new infrastructure and blockchain tools to bring community access to a decentralized clean energy community.

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AdSigma - Next Generation Advertising Platform Blockchain Technology

What is AdSigma?

AdSigma is the next generation leading digital display advertising platform blockchain technology to revolutionize digital display ad space.

AdSigma aims to destroy existing digital ad space and address significant issues it faces, such as unreasonable commissions, lack of negotiating power and lack of choice for publishers and advertisers. In an industry where advertising networks generate revenues of more than $ 200 billion, AdSigma recognizes the need to provide an alternative platform that works for advertisers and publishers with ZERO commissions.

All ADSI token holders should benefit from quality services and will benefit from various privileges to keep our tokens. We strongly believe in the idea and we believe in our vision. With our team members from different sectors such as finance, software development, digital advertising and blockchain / cryptography, AdSigma has achieved a competitive market position and AdSigma is ready to turn its vision into reality.

Our team is on an ambitious mission: to create a global system for restructuring existing settings in the online advertising business model by removing existing intermediary needs in the form of ad networks, and helping publishers and advertisers get the most out of online advertising. We want to provide the benefits that publishers and advertisers receive from the ad network but without making them pay for it and let them enjoy the privilege of a shared B2B model.

We aim to replace the advertising network industry, which has annual revenues of more than $ 200 billion and is increasing consistently. Because we believe in the power of open source projects, we want to help this economy operate on its own without Ad Network intervention and ultimately at the cost of a Zero commission. We want advertisers to receive better results from ads and publishers to get higher results. With authenticity, irreversibility and validity, blockchain will help us achieve our vision.

More information on:

AdSigma is powered by ADSI tokens ADSi will be used by publishers and advertisers on the AdSigma platform to buy and sell advertising space. ADSi can be kept in an Ethereum portfolio that is ERC20 compliant.

AdSigma Token (ADSI)

The AdSigma token (ADSI) is a utility token that can be used to purchase digital display advertising on web properties / apps, and publishers can monetize their apps / websites using AdSigma platform (are paid in the ADSi token). The platform is based on the Ethereum Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants (advertisers and publishers) themselves. Blockchain technology ensures that only one entity can not control the platform. This decentralized system prevents the possibility of any manipulation of data and ensures that nobody can interfere with transactions or give preferences or privileges to an advertiser or publisher compared to another. The network is verified and managed by each participant and by everyone participants together.

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The existing model of digital display advertising is becoming increasingly unfavorable for publishers and advertisers, mainly due to the presence of advertising networks. Ad networks have revenues of over $ 220 billion a year, which earn commission as the online advertising fee and account for over 40% of total online advertising spend. Because of the unjustified higher tariffs, the lack of flexibility in price quotation, the lack of negotiating capacity between the publisher and the advertiser, delays in revenue due to the minimum withdrawal limit clause and various other reasons, it is a platform alternative is needed.


AdSigma aims to restructure the existing agreement in the business model by eliminating the need for existing intermediaries in the form of ad networks and helps publishers and advertisers get the most out of online ads. AdSigma is creating a decentralized network using blockchain technology to overcome all the problems of the traditional online advertising structure and to benefit advertisers and publishers.

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